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Understanding How Chords Relate to Scales
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More Bar Chord Examples (Part 2)
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Giants of Metal – Jamie Humphries
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Bar Chords – What are they? And how will they help you?
Guitar Books – Rock Lead Performance
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Your First Easy Song – Wonderwall
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How to Read Chords part 2
How to Read Chords part 1
What are Chords?
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The Magic of the 5th Fret……….
How Musical Notes Relate to the Guitar
Understanding Musical Notes
The Behringer V-Amp
Tenacious D – The Greatest Band on Earth
DS-1 Robert Keeley Seeing Eye Mod Distorion Pedal
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Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Pedal
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Laney LC15R (All valve 15w Amp)
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My Quest for a Decent Guitar Sound at Low Volumes
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