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Buying An Audio Interface

If you’d like to be able to record your own songs or perhaps write songs by using a computer system then to be able to do this you will most likely require an Audio Interface. Therefore, what exactly is an Audio Interface?

Audio Interfaces can be found in numerous designs and present a lot of different functions. You will need to select an audio interface which will supply you with all the necessary slots because in most cases, once you have bought your audio interface, it’s impossible to add new features on the unit.

Audio InterfaceWhen selecting the audio interface you first need to determine the number of inputs and also outputs you’ll need. In the event that you simply plan to record a couple of tracks at any given time, for instance one acoustic guitar then one microphone there are many different basic audio interfaces which will accomplish this at superb price tags. When you want to record a live group then you certainly need to be considering 4 to 8 inputs as a minimum. Take into account, that it’s generally a good idea to get one with more inputs than you originally think you need because there is very little possibility of updating the audio interface in the event that you actually need an additional input down the road!

Usually you need a minimum of a pair of outputs on the audio interface – a right and left that will go to studio monitors or perhaps speaker systems. If you plan to use multichannel surround sound, or perhaps want to feed completely different mixes to different musicians then you’ll require more. Once again, it’s really worth the investment to get a little more than you think you require to enable you to steer clear of costly replacements down the road.

There are many additional inputs with an audio interface to think about. Probably the most common digital input will be the MIDI connection and usually these types of connections are provided with just about all audio interfaces nowadays. If you don’t presently make use of MIDI then when you start your recording you will discover excellent things can be carried out making use of it therefore definitely worth looking into prior to going ahead and buying the audio interface.

Hooking up the audio interface to the computer system is generally fairly simple due to the majority of devices being either USB or Firewire connectors. You will find there’s a big discussion over which of these connection methods are superior. USB can be found with virtually all computer systems and that is seriously handy if you plan to record with various computers. Preferably, USB 2.0 ought to be utilised wherever possible because it is quicker plus much more stable. Firewire is usually regarded as being a lot more superior compared to USB However, this is an ongoing debate with many different opinions. If you would like go along this path along with use a Firewire slot on your computer, it is possible to get cards in the type of PCI or even PCMCIA cards that may will give you a suitable Firewire port.

There are lots of additional elements to think about when choosing an audio interface however, certainly for anyone getting started, the things mentioned above tends to be the initial part of whittling down the different options depending on your preferences. This will then give you several products, inside of your budget that you are then able to go off and check out any user reviews!

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