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Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar effects pedals come in all shapes and sizes. They have one primary goal – to alter the sound that your guitar produces.

Boss Guitar effects PedalsThere are literally hundreds of guitar effects pedals to choose from – some creating noises and sounds that you would find hard to fit into, what I would call, normal music.

Guitar effects pedals can be bought as single pedals, multi effects pedals or rack mounted effects processors. Multi effects pedals will often have a whole bunch of different guitar effects to use but generally the quality is not as good as single units. Of course, the more you spend the better they become but this can cost hundreds, even thousands of pounds.

Here I am going to outline some of the more commonly used guitar effects pedals that the majority of guitarists use. These are based on single “stomp box” type effects units. These can be easily chopped and changed to get the sound that you want from your guitar.

Distortion / overdrive pedals

Whilst the two guitar effects pedals above are different they do have similarities. Basically they take your clean sound and convert it to an overdriven or distorted sound. This gives you a rock type sound found on thousands of songs. Examples are Nirvana, Jimi hendrix and many other.

Wah Pedals

This is a great guitar effects pedal. Rather than just an on/off situation this is an expression pedal. This means that you have anywhere in between on and off. Called a wah pedal because quite simply, it makes your guitar sound as though it is saying “wah”.

Delay Effects Pedals

This causes an echo effect to be added to your sound. A small amount of this can really beef up your solo sound. Players such as Joe Satriani use this to make their guitar sound up. If you are into lead playing it is well worth investing in this effects pedal.

Chorus Pedals

Another nice pedal that adds to both your clean and distorted tone is the chorus pedal. This beefs up or thickens the sound Guitar Effects Pedalsby almost doubling up notes in layers a very subtle way.

With guitar effects pedals there are huge differences in sound quality. Generally the more expensive it is, the better it will be. It is also very true, especially with the examples above, the older the effects pedal is the better quality sound it will produce. As the famous saying goes – they don’t make things like they used to.

13 Responses to “Guitar Effects Pedals”

  1. Mike Says:

    they don’t make things like they used to. You got that right. i had a pedal you could mash the crap out of and it was always ready to rock.🙂

    Mikes last blog post..What kind of guitars did The Beatles use?

  2. nino Says:

    i use delay effects pedals , it gives an cool sound and like an echo sound can be added.

    ninos last blog post..Virtuelle Welten Teil 2

  3. mp3 players Says:

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  4. Mohibkh Says:

    HEY It’s nice information.Thanks for share.

    Thank U.

  5. Jonny Says:

    I’m a big fan of Waves GTR3. I find I can get a real nice sound by running my guitar direct in using a tube preamp. I also sometimes use my Wah pedal before… that can sound great. But with GTR3 I can emulate all kinds of different amps AND all kinds of different guitar pedals.

    I’m not saying it’s as good as the real thing, but it’s a helluva a lot cheaper and easier to use. And more flexible.

    Jonnys last blog post..Windows 7 To The Rescue

  6. Terry Says:

    These are great… But everyone knows that these effects are useless if you don’t master everything there is to learn about playing the guitar. Play like you mean it and play to your heart’s desire and I guarantee you, your music will be a whole lot better with or without these pedals.. Agree?

  7. Shaun Dsouza Says:

    Amazing post to know about guitar effects eedals.
    Thanks for informative concepts.

  8. Jolon Says:

    Never realized that extent and vast different kinds of guitar pedals they had. Very informative list you have there.

  9. Billy Says:

    Exhaustive list there of guitar effects pedals. Now if only I could play the guitar. Perhaps with some practice I’ll get a little better. I can only hope.

  10. Kay Says:

    Original guitar sounds are way different. This effect machine can be useful if you’re only using guitar to a minimum but if the sounds of guitar strings are your emphasis, then there are better choices.

  11. "Steve Says:

    I also think that with using multi-effect you don’t get an understanding of what each pedal does. And how to set it up or add it to other pedals to get a certain overall sound.
    I do think that for the price multi-effect units are better value. You can strip the patches down to the single effect and then learn how to build it up.

  12. just Says:

    Not all pedals, however, are used in the same fashion. Wah pedals, like the popular Crybaby pedal, are used by first stepping all the way down on the pedal to activate a switch and then gently rocking the pedal back and forth as the “wah” effect increases and diminishes to one’s liking. Volume pedals operate similarly.

  13. steveg Says:

    I bought a Digitech RP500 last year after years of hauling around a pedal board. The sound is actually awesome, even through my 70’s twin reverb. On my website,, I recently calculated the equivalent cost of individual pedals, and at a minimum, it would be $1200 bucks to even come close to what you can get on a modern multi effect unit. My RP500 cost just over $300. The biggest improvement is the sound, and ability to edit the individual effects.

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