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Making Music or Playing a Chord Progression

There is a big step in guitar playing to be able to make music rather than just play the guitar. At the Guitar Forums I have written a post regarding what I believe to be the key for guitarists to become musicians.

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4 Responses to “Making Music or Playing a Chord Progression”

  1. Chelle Says:

    I think some of it has to do with the emotion you put into a song. Like you were saying in your post about hand picking – knowing when to add crescendos or make a note resonate can really set you apart from sounding like typical out of a box chord progression.

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  2. Scotty West Guitar Lessons Says:

    Excellent points you have made. Simply thumping out a memorized chord progression, devoid of any feeling, emotion or emphasis, falls short of really making music. In my series of DVD guitar lessons, I stress that music is a language with six parts of speech: pitch, rhythm, timbre, dynamics, technique and notation. As you mentioned, there’s much more to a song than just getting the chords “right” and more to being a true musician than mindlessly spewing out progressions. Good luck to everyone with their music and call me or e-mail if I can help!

  3. ryan Says:

    I have start studying on how to play guitar well last year. And my skills in playing guitar is improving. I love listening to music and this is why I wanted to learn playing a guitar.

  4. travel golf bag Says:

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