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Understanding How Chords Relate to Scales

I have written a post in the guitar forum regarding the relationship between chords and scales.

This relates specifically regarding how chords are built by using the major scale. This is fundamental inforamtion for any musician as well as any guitarist.

The major scale is the building block for everything musical so it is important to try and understand how it works and how it relates to chords.

Get this under your belt and learning anything else to do with the guitar or anything musical will become much clearer and a lot easier to understand.

If there are any aspects that I have not been clear on then please either leave a comment here or feel free to comment in the forum and I, or another member of the forum will be happy to assist you.

2 Responses to “Understanding How Chords Relate to Scales”

  1. glenn Says:

    i try to make scaling on a rhythm of another guitar but i just cannot get the proper sound or the proper harmony and the proper notes to be struck while putting my scale on it….

    can you give me examples?

  2. John White Says:

    Hello guyz,
    It is a very informative post and very well said. I am new to this and it has made me understand even more.
    Good luck for next

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