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DS-1 Robert Keeley Seeing Eye Mod Distorion Pedal

So who is Robert Keeley and why is his name with Boss guitar pedals? Well Basically this is someone who modifies existing guitar pedals to make them better. I happen to own the DS-1 distortion guitar pedal. As I have previously discussed there is a huge difference between the earlier Japanese models and the current DS-1 pedals made in Taiwan.

What Robert Keeley has achieved is a guitar pedal that despite being made in Taiwan it has the qualities of the Japanese model and more.

This guitar pedal is called the Seeing Eye Mod. The “O” in tone becomes a red LED and the standard LED in the middle is much larger.

The benefits of this guitar pedal is the versatility. Its does exactly what the Boss DS-1 claims to do except it actually achieves it with smooth distortions and warm tone throughout the ranges.

As far as cost goes – Compared to the Taiwan distortion pedal it is more expensive but compared to the Japanese model that will only get more and more expensive as they become rarer and rarer the Keeley Seeing Eye Mod really is the next best alternative.

Roberts Keeley also does a variety of other guitar effects pedals which are either mods or even unique pedals.

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