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Boss DD-2 Digital Delay

The Boss digital delay pedal is one of the most important guitar pedals I own. I believe that any guitarist that wants to play any guitar solos can benefit from owning one of these delay pedals. The Boss DD-2 Pedal is an older version of the current Boss DD-3. The image below is in fact a DD-3 pedal but they do look the same. If you look back to my post regarding the Boss DS-1 you will note that with most Boss pedals there is a great difference in quality of sound if you opt for the older pedals made in Japan rather then the newer Taiwanese models..

Boss Digital Delay

So what does a delay pedal do for you? Well basically it is like an echo. you can adjust the parameters of the echo to make it sound like a reverb effect right through to literally having a note repeated similar to Brian May (Queen) where he does his layered guitar solos.

The majority of people however will use this to subtly beef up the sound of their guitar, mainly when playing lead guitar. A good example of where and how delay pedals are used is in most Joe Satriani songs. He utilises the delay to make his sound.

If you are considering buying one of these effects pedals then it is certainly worthwhile seeking out the DD-2 make in Japan from somewhere like Ebay. These are known to have a much more natural sounding delay than the current models. the phrase “They don’t make things like they used to” springs to mind and how true this is with everything guitar related.

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  1. boss guitar effects Says:

    […] more modern Pitch Shifters, The Backdoor’s Guitar Guru takes you through a guide to guitar effectsBoss DD-2 Digital Delay | Olly’s Guitar WorldThe Boss digital delay pedal is one of the most important guitar pedals I own. … that wants to […]

  2. Used Trucks for Sale Says:

    I prefer the Boss master pedals, such as the ME-50 since you pay double the price but get all effects instead of just one and don’t lose much functionality. Though this is the best option if you just use delay I guess.

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