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Rhythm or Lead?

Throughout these guitar lessons there are terms that will be used that you may not be familiar with. To try and prevent this from happening I am going to try and cover some terms that may have been used with a brief simple description of what it means.

What it means to be a lead guitarist or rhythm guitarist

I class guitar playing in 2 main forms. Lead and Rhythm. Rhythm guitar generally tends to be a backing for something. An example of this is if someone is playing the guitar and singing along. The guitar is providing the backing for the song. This is rhythm playing.

Lead playing is where the guitarist is playing something over the top of perhaps a rhythm player or a perhaps playing a melody. A melody is, for example, the tune of a song. A singer singing a song will be singing the melody. A guitar could also play the same melody.

Of course the best  part of lead playing is the guitar solos! Pure lead playing!

So to summarise, lead playing is generally playing single notes and rhythm is playing the backing which is generally chords. Chords are where you play more than one note at a time. We are going to start on some chords very soon.

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