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Laney LC15R (All valve 15w Amp)

As previosuly discussed in my quest for ulimate guitar tone at low volumes, I stumbled across the Laney LC15R. In fact I first heard about it at a guitar clinic with Paul Gilbert – thats another story for later!

Could this be the answer I was looking for? Most all valve amps were minimum of 50W which I knew from owning my Marshall JCM 900 this was loud. here was an amplifier that wasunder a third of the power.

Of course what I had hoped was that a third of the power meant that you could crank the power and it would only be a third of the volume. Unfortauntely this was not the case at all and in fact I found the volume less controlable than a 100W Marshall.

As far as the amplifier goes it has some good functionalilty offering both a high and low input, effects loop, brightness button along with the dials to control gain, bass, middle, treble volume and reverb.

Taking the amp to a place it could be cranked up a bit, the sound was pretty impressive. AS well as being loud it sounded good. being the amp is a combo (combined with speaker) and is relatively small you would certainly benfit from using hte optional jack in the back to plug into something like a 4 x 12 stack. I think this amp is easily loud enough to play along with a drummer.

At ‘bedroom’ volumes unfortuantely this amp is no good at all. the volume control is very poor in teh fact that there is eaither no volume and the lowest volume you can have it is way too loud. I think a differnt type of volume switch on there would be great as I can get my Marshall amp to be much more quiet than this.

So the moral of this story is, if youa re looking for a valve amp to play at lower volumes, I am afraid to say that this amp is most likely not for you.

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  1. Combo Amp Guy Says:

    Ouch. Bad nob control can be a b****. Nice review there! I like to see more of these, as they save me lots of money and add a second opinion to my own reviews.

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